الثلاثاء، 23 فبراير 2010

Letter to a friend(2).

First of all I'm so sorry for your loss dear friend .

I always thought, why we bid farewell to the dead with tears, why not celebrate their life, and make fun of death, why don’t we dance and sing instead of crying and wailing. So I agree with you, and add my voice to yours: asking my friends to celebrate my death, dancing, singing and laughing, asking them to read some of Lorca's poetry on my grave. Oh! how much I love Nietzsche, I wish I can read all his books, if I die before I do, I wish my friends read it on my grave.

Thank you for the video, it blew a lot of emotions inside me, I cried with you, sang with you, by the way, I love this song, it’s my favorite. So thank you so much, but you know, if you die before me, I promise I will not say goodbye, I will say: my friend was a great man. And when we meet in the second life, I will find your flowery tree in paradise where the scent of your beautiful soul grace the place , and people rises from the shadows of your humanity.
*Video by: Gatewood
*photo by: Tharwat Hemat